Oh look, I wrote a thing!

It’s been a strange morning. I’m gonna miss this roof.

mr-optix whispered:
What are some more really good glitch blogs? I absolutely love it! I can't get enough. And I'm actually going to check out your tutorials I really want to get into this.


Mine’s the only really good one tbh.

JK, there’s tons. Here’s a few off the top of my head (sorry if I forgot anyone!). Some of these are original artists others are curators, some a little of both. Some aren’t even strictly glitch artists but do digital work in general, but they’re all worth checking out:

I’m sure I’m leaving out some people, but that should get you started. Also be sure to check out /r/glitch_art, /r/brokengifs, and the Glitch Artists Collective on Facebook

Oh wow, I’m super surprised to be on this list! I follow a lot of these people, and all of them do fantastic work. If you’re into glitch, check them out!

Made using “BECOME A GREAT ARTIST IN JUST 10 SECONDS" by Michael Brough and Andi McClure. Might try to make some animations with this in the future.


I wrote a long thing in fragments on my personal blog - it may or may not be helpful to anyone, but it is honest. And really long.

I’ll be honest: for the past couple of years I’ve been struggling to answer the question, “am I or am I not depressed?”. I couldn’t figure it out. I grew up hearing I had “so much potential” and that I never used it in class. One of my worst traits is that I constantly beat myself up for not being able to do as much as I think I should be able to do in life. That I’m just lazy, or that I don’t know how to learn quick enough.

Last year I sought help, and was told I didn’t look like I was depressed, and that I should simply consider eating better and exercising more. It was frustrating. I came to the conclusion that I must only have mild depression and have constantly been paranoid that I’m probably not and I’m just exaggerating my laziness. But this article did it, This and hundreds of posts explaining how Robin Williams could have killed himself so easily. There are so many things I do relate with to think my opinion of my own brain isn’t valid any more.

I’m not saying this means I’m suicidal. Or that I’m sad all the time. I’m saying it feels like my own brain is crippling me from functioning normally, and sometimes it’s a struggle just to not fuck up a normal day or go a month without having a day where I don’t want to do a single thing. And saying this makes me feel like tomorrow will make more sense than today. I’ll take that.

I can’t believe someone with such a joyful spirit left us yesterday. If you’re feeling depressed, can’t find the will to get out of bed in the morning, or are just struggling in general, please find the strength in yourself to go get help. If depression can get Robin Williams, it can get anyone.

Robin, wherever you are, I hope you’re finally free.

I rescued these adorable little shits from the side of the road yesterday! They are forever inseparable. Sneak and Burd 4eva.