My Responsibilities as an IT this summer
  • DDOSing spammer’s IP addresses for sending out emails pretending to be us.
  • Shooing that goddamn bird that keeps getting trapped in our hallway out the window.
  • Learning how to pick locks.
  • Transferring calls.

I’m a professional.

I’ve started running again recently, which is great, but man I hate it right now. I actually feel crippled when I run because I can’t keep up with the speeds I used to even a couple of years ago. It’s motivation to keep going so I feel able-bodied again, but at the same time it makes me dread putting my running shoes on after work.

In my high school it was mandatory to do two seasons worth of sports a year. It made sense: With only 300 students on the entire campus, you needed all of them to even meet the minimum size requirement for a competing sports team. When I played soccer, only one person was sitting on the bench at any time during a game. If two players needed to sub out? Tough shit. I would play entire games on midfield with barely a moment to breathe. Still, I was fit. Nowadays I can barely jog 200 meters before getting a little winded.

I never liked being on a sports team. What I did love about high school was being able to piss everyone off by playing the school drumset for hours at a time. During the off seasons, I wouldn’t go home while everyone played sports. Sometimes I ran a mile or two, but every day after school was two hours of nonstop drumming. I didn’t care how shitty I sounded, I just played and played and played. I would force myself to keep chugging double bass just to build leg strength while I worked on my arms. My arms were usually sore as hell just from reaching for the cymbals, and my legs were throbbing at the end of a session. It was way more satisfying then running could ever be.

Basically what I’m saying is I miss drums and I have to live in a dorm without them for another year. Maybe it’s time to invest in a practice pad kit.

Just made this in Photoshop by following this tutorial. Gonna experiment and see what happens when I combine this effect with actual databending, but I like it so far.

Messing with phaser effects in Audacity.

Another test in Audacity. This time I layered chunks of the original image back over it at various opacities. Just enough to make the rough spots look nice while letting the glitchiness shine through.

Today felt like a glitch art day. This was my first time databending with Audacity, and my first time layering glitches in Photoshop. Pretty happy with it.

Murdering a human being, a thing I have NEVER done and never will do? I can kill a million people in video games! But sex, a thing I have done at least 12 times, and might get to do again? That is an absolutely abhorrent activity and banned forever.

-- Luis Hernandez of Necrophone Games, creators of Jazz Punk, which doesn’t have much sex OR violence in it, but you can spray a guy with Cheese Whiz and barf on a sushi chef. (via maxscoville)


Me: see I don’t understand people who adamantly bash on video games they hate, because I don’t have that sort of attention span. If you hate something why play past the first 35 seconds
Jon: you’re talking to someone who hundred percented metroid other M

Confession: I am actually twelve years old.

I drew a tree today.

Oh man I just found this photo of lucifaara and I being twins and goddamn we’re adorable

Last Friday we stumbled upon an abandoned drive-in theater during a road trip. It’s called the Mountain Drive-In, and was in business from 1949-1997. After looking the place up today, I discovered that it’s six minutes down the road from a well-known place called Grossinger’s Resort.

It’s a bit far from home, but we have to go back some day.